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British Society for the History of ENT Constitution


                 1.1 The Association shall be known as the British Society for the History of ENT or BSHENT

                 1.2 The Society is incorporated within ENT UK, trading as British Association of Otorhinolaryngology – Head and                         Neck Surgery (BAO-HNS).

                 1.3 The Society, as part of ENT UK, is an incorporated charity.


                  2.1 To promote scholarship, interest and engagement in the study of the History of ENT.

                  2.2  To hold meetings at which colleagues interested in the History of ENT may meet and present papers.

                 2.3To provide advice and support for students, trainees, consultants and retired members who wish to nurture                             an interest in the History of ENT.

                 2.4  To work collaboratively with ENT UK in the organisation of an annual History of ENT meeting and a 3-yearly                            event at BACO.

                 2.5To liaise and collaborate with similar organisations in Europe and worldwide.



                  3.1  Full membership of BSHENT is open to any ENT UK member that has an interest in the History of ENT.

                  3.2  Associate membership of BSHENT is open to healthcare professionals in the UK and to retired colleagues,                             they may subscribe to updates from the Society by contacting:

                  3.3  International membership is open to international colleagues, they may subscribe to updates from the                                  Society by contacting

                  3.4  Associate, international and retired members who are not ENT UK members will not receive an ENT UK                                  member discount for attending events and will not be able to stand for a position on BSHENT Council                                    (exemption in clause 5.2.4).

                  3.5  Membership of BSHENT can be revoked through a vote by the BSHENT Committee if a member is found                               to have acted unprofessionally and/or brought the organisation into disrepute.

                  3.6 Any member may introduce guests to a meeting. There is a limit of two guests per member at any meeting.



                   4.1  To promote scholarship, interest and engagement in the study of the History of ENT.

                   4.2  To engage with the BSHENT national meeting when possible and encourage submission of high-quality                                   papers for presentation.

                   4.3  To maintain the highest levels of professional behaviour when representing BSHENT or engaging with                                    BSHENT activities

                   4.4 To familiarise themselves with the ENT UK equality, diversity and inclusion policy, and abide by this at all                                times.


                    5.1  The Committee shall consist of the following members:

                                              5.1.1  President

                                              5.1.2  Ordinary Executive Members (up to four)

                                              5.1.3   International Committee Member

                                              5.1.4   Trainee Representative

                                              5.1.5   Webmaster

                                              5.1.6   A quorum of three Executive Members shall be required for council meetings.

                                              5.1.7   The President and Ordinary Executive Members are the executive members of the                                                                     Society.

                                              5.1.8   The President or his/her nominee will sit on the Council of ENT UK.

                                              5.1.9   The Trainee Representative will liaise with the Association of Otolaryngologists in                                                                         Training and represent trainee matters.

                                              5.1.10   Committee meetings will be held at the time of the annual meeting, and as required as                                                           per clause 6.6.

                     5.2  Election of Committee

                                               5.2.1   Members shall elect Committee members at the Annual General Meeting, when                                                                        vacancies arise.

                                               5.2.2   Nominations should be made to the President in advance of the Annual General                                                                        Meeting.

                                               5.2.3   Committee members will elect the President.

                                               5.2.4   An exception to clause 3.4 is made for the role of BSHENT International Committee                                                                    member, who shall be co-opted by a quorum of the BSHENT committee.

                      5.3  Terms of Office

                                                5.3.1  The President, International Committee Member and Webmaster shall have indefinite                                                                tenure. Should they wish to demit, this must be communicated to the Committee so                                                                  that replacements can be nominated.

                                                5.3.2   After demitting, the President shall have the option to remain on the BSHENT                                                                             Committee as Past President.

                                                5.3.3  Ordinary Executive Members shall have a tenure of 5 years, renewable for a further 5                                                                    years by re-election.

                                                5.3.4.  The Trainee representative shall have a tenure of 2 years, following which they will be                                                                  invited to become an Ordinary Executive Member of Committee if specialist                                                                                accreditation has been achieved.



                      6.1  The annual meeting is usually held on the Thursday before the December Royal Society of Medicine                                       meeting.

                      6.2  The annual meeting shall consist of a programme of selected short papers and an Annual General                                           Meeting.

                      6.3  The Annual General Meeting shall present the Society’s accounts, elect new officers to the Committee,                                   and report on the business of the Society.

                      6.4  The content of the programme of short papers is the responsibility of the Committee.

                      6.5  The venue and date of the annual meeting will be recommended by the Committee and agreed with                                     ENT UK, one year in advance.

                      6.6  An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called by a quorum of Executive Committee Members.




                        7.1  The finances of BSHENT should be identified and protected within the accounts of ENT UK for the use                                   of BSHENT and will be subject to the same audit procedures

                        7.2  BSHENT shall maintain a non-financial relationship with the Journal of Laryngology and Otology.

                        7.3  BSHENT funds shall be ring-fenced to award an annual prize to the winner of the short paper                                                    presentation meeting.

                         7.4 BSHENT shall maintain a corporate subscription of the British Society for the History of Medicine at £42                                 per annum.



                         8.1 Concerns or changes to the constitution can be raised at any time by Committee members.

                         8.2 Proposed changes will be voted at a quorate Committee meeting, or by a two-thirds majority of full                                         members at an Annual General Meeting.



                          9.1  The BSHENT Constitution is dictated by its Executive Committee and ratified by ENT UK Trustees.  

                          9.2  The constitution will be made accessible to the general public and its members on the BSHENT                                               website.




                                                                                             Neil Weir OBE

Richard Irving

Edward Fisher

Emma Stapleton


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